Saturday, July 12, 2025


Welcome to the Upper Valley Career Center Technology Blog.  This blog will be used to post updated technology announcements as well as share ideas about integrating technology into the curriculum.  Feel free to post your comments!  This Blog is not set to "follow".  In order to cut down on unnecessary emails you will not receive an email every time something is posted to this blog.  Want to "follow" this blog?  Bookmark it and check back one a week.

Eric Bowser, Supervisor of Technology

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pin a Post to the Top of Your Blog
OK so I'm a bit new to blogging.  Never thought I had much to say that anyone would care to read.  That may actually be the case.  Anyways, I had a pet peeve with blogger since I couldn't figure out how to pin a post to the top of blogger, such as a welcome post.  Saw some online postings that indicated it could be done but could never find the same setting in Blogger.  Ran across someone that advised to just set the date of the post you want pinned to the top for a future date.  Now that means the Welcome post looks like I posted it at some date in the future but it does keep it at the top of the blog which is what I wanted!

Monday, January 7, 2019


Slack is a new communications tool that we will utilize for emergency notifications.  Slack has both a smartphone app and a desktop module.   To install simply visit the Google Play Store or the appropriate app store for iPhones.  Search for and install Slack.  When you first launch Slack it will prompt you to set up a user.  You MUST use your email address.  Our Slack workspace if  Once added to our workspace you will automatically be part of the #emergency channel.  This will ensure that you get any emergency notifications that are sent out via Slack.  If you wish do download and install the Slack desktop app on your computer simply visit and download/install the 64bit Windows version.

If you have any difficult setting up Slack on your SmartPhone or desktop, please ask a member of the tech staff or assistance.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Shake Up Learning - 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom

If you haven't checked out Shake Up Learning, you should.
Kasey Bell, runs this site and is an expert in all things Google, especially as it relates to the classroom.  Kasey offers online boot camps for passing the Google Certified Educator exams and the Google Certified Trainer exam.  They're a bit pricey at approximately $330 each but they are great courses.  If you sign up with the site you'll also receive emails with links to some great tips.  Check out the 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom link below.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

LRC Color Copier Replaced

The color copier in the LRC was replaced on 9/19/2018.  ALL print jobs that need to be pulled from a copier, regardless of color or black and white, should be sent to the FollowYou on UVCC... print queue.

Please remind students that printing in color is still significantly more expensive that printing in black and white.  Color print/copies cost the district approximately 5 cents per page.  Black and white print/copier cost the district a fraction of a penny.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Google Offers Browser Lock for Google Forms Quizzes on Chromebooks

This fall Google is rolling out a feature in Google Forms Quizzes that will allow a teacher to lock student screens until they have submitted their quiz responses.  This will prevent students from looking up quiz answers online, emailing a friend or doing any other "off task" activity while they are supposed to be completing their quiz.  They will not be able to navigate away from the quiz screen until they submit their answers.  The locked mode is fully managed by teachers so you won't need IT administration to deploy this Google Forms feature.  The setting should be located under the Settings icon (the gear) once you've created your Google Forms quiz.

The downs side, the new browser lock feature only works on Chromebooks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Google Free Digital Skills Curriculum

Google has introduced a free Digital Skills Curriculum that is available to you through Google Classroom.  The lessons include:
  • If-Then Adventure Stories - Collaborate with classmates to create an interactive story using Google Slides.
  • Research and Develop a Topic - Identify credible online sources and make an interactive research document.
  • Technology, Ethics and Security - Research risks and dangers, explore solutions, create a report to communicate your findings.
  • Plan an Event - Create to-do lists, assign tasks, and promote an event.
  • Guide to an Area - Research and organize information about an location to create an interactive guide.
  • Technology's Role in Current Events - Research a current event and create a report to communicate findings.
  • Plan and Budget - Make good financial decisions, analyze long-term spending, research and compare costs, plan for major purchases.
  • Create and Edit Tool with Programming - Learn basic coding concepts and create an automated editing program that will help improve a writing assignment.
  • Technology at Work - Research technology's impact on workplace and daily lives.
  • Pick the Next Box Office Hit - Act as a movie producer to analyze movie data trends to pick the next box office hit.
  • Equal Access to Technology - Research a topic related to technology access and create a report to communicate your findings.
  • Create a Presentation - Create an interactive presentation to share information about a topic you care about.
  • Create a Resume in Google Docs - Format, write and design a professional resume.
  • Research and Organize Information about Colleges in Google Sheets - Build a list of colleges, conduct research and use what you find to compare schools.
You can select all the lessons or only the ones that fit into your overall curriculum.  Click the Google icon below to find out more.