Saturday, July 12, 2025


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Eric Bowser, Supervisor of Technology

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pin a Post to the Top of Your Blog
OK so I'm a bit new to blogging.  Never thought I had much to say that anyone would care to read.  That may actually be the case.  Anyways, I had a pet peeve with blogger since I couldn't figure out how to pin a post to the top of blogger, such as a welcome post.  Saw some online postings that indicated it could be done but could never find the same setting in Blogger.  Ran across someone that advised to just set the date of the post you want pinned to the top for a future date.  Now that means the Welcome post looks like I posted it at some date in the future but it does keep it at the top of the blog which is what I wanted!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Google Files Download and Take with You

The video walks you through the process of downloading your Google Drive files and then uploading them to your personal Gmail account.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Google Adds Sound to Slides

Google has added Insert Audio to Google Slides.  This allows users to insert narration or background music to their Slide presentation

Check out and their great step-by-step guide to adding audio to your Slide presentation.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Zoom Video Conferencing

Looking for a FREE way to setup and web conference?  Try!

Zoom's FREE account offers most of the same features as many of the leading webinar/video conferencing websites.  The one key limitation of the FREE Zoom account is that a conference with 3 or more participants is limited to 40 minutes in length.  For most instances, 40 minutes should be sufficient.

How might you utilize zoom?
  1. Advisory meetings for those 1 or 2 participants that just can't make it to your in-person meeting
  2. Meetings with potential employers for students
  3. Screen sharing, demos and tutorials
I am currently looking into educational pricing for a Zoom Pro account that would have more features and accommodate longer meetings.  I'll keep you posted.

If you need assistance setting up a FREE Zoom account please see a member of the tech staff for assistance.  It is advisable that you have a webcam if you plan on utilizing Zoom.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


  I was fortunate to attend the Ohio Educational Technology Conference in Columbus last Tuesday, and tried to go to sessions that might benefit us all here at UVCC. One of the best was Use The Awesomeness of Google Classroom To Reach All Learners. The presentation is fairly self explanatory, and contains a lot of good tips and tricks for Google Classroom users. There's even a classroom you can join (from your personal Google account) to see the tips in action.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Take your Gmail Productivity to a Whole New Level

So you're proficient in the daily tasks of Gmail.  Why not take Gmail productivity to a whole new level.  Gmail has a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that can save you time in your daily email management routines. 

The first step is to turn on the Gmail keyboard shortcuts in Gmail settings (that gear in the upper right-hand corner).  Then learn the keyboard shortcuts that would most impact your productivity.  The link below is to Gmail support.  The site explains how to turn on Gmail keyboard shortcuts and gives extensive lists of various keyboard shortcuts.  It even includes shortcuts that work on Android and iPhone devices.

For example, with keyboard shortcuts turned on, open an email and hit the 'f' key.  It immediately starts a forward for that message.   Want to reply to a message simply hit the 'r' key to reply to the sender or 'a' key to reply all. With a message open simply hit the '#' key and the message is deleted.
Control Alt Achieve
Eric Curts is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator who also works for the SPARCC ITC (Stark and Portage Counties version of WOCO). His site has fantastic Google resources and posts.  If you are ever at a conference or meeting and get a chance to sit in on one of Eric's presentations you should definitely do it.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Teen Smartphone Addiction National Survey 2918

Article presented at the 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC).  Classroom instructor can share the battles they have with keeping students off of Smartphones.  Some students are "outsmarting" you by putting an extra device in the phone farm while keeping their primary device.

Google's .new extension

Want to create a Google Doc, Sheet or Form quickly without needing to navigate to Google Drive and clicking the New button?   Google has the solution.  Quickly create most Google document types using the .new extension.  If you're already logged into Gmail, or maybe Google Drive or if you're using the Chrome browser and already logged in to your account simply go the address bar (where you key in a URL) and type or or or and Google will automatically launch you into the appropriate Google app and create your document.  Simply name it and away you go.  The document will automatically be saved at the root of your Google Drive.  You can always go to Drive and move it to a desired folder whenever you have time.  Below is a list of the .new extensions you can use.

Docs can be created with domains, or; Sheets with,, or; Slides with,,, or; Forms with or; and Sites with,, or